Are We There Yet?

The journey home yesterday was much worse than the journey to Devon. First we had to stop so i could have a drink. Then we had to stop for a piddle (Mum and Dad that is, not me!) and then we had to stop because i was hungry.

On top of all that Dad had to do an emergency stop and i got hit in the back of the head with Mums picture she bought *rolls eyes*

I couldn’t help asking Dad “are we there yet?” every five minutes…


It was soooo weird being back at our house. I had to sniff everywhere just to make sure everything was as it should be. And then i crashed…until 7.30 this morning. Was good getting back to my old haunts, so many new smells on my walk this morning 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog, Mum says i can update it every so often when I’ve got something good or exciting to say.  Its been fun!


Is That It?

Mum and Dad have decided we’re going home this afternoon rather than tomorrow morning. They saw the queues of traffic leaving when we were on our way in last Saturday.
I got very whiney this morning when they were packing, i thought we were home!

Yesterday me and Dad ran around at the harbour beach…

…then me, Mum and Teddy watched them launch the Life Boat…

I think i shall probably sleep all the way home…Mum hopes so 🙂

A New Friend

Yesterday it rained…a lot and although i dont really like getting wet, being dried with a towel is great fun!

Mum has been doing lots of writing and Dad, lots of snoozing on the sofa.

We did manage to get down the harbour for ice cream and Mum went into a shop and bought me a present. Me and Teddy now have a new friend. His names Dog and i just know he will fit in just fine 🙂 I hope hes coming home with us…


Have I Moved?

Mum says i was really good on the journey to Devon. I only whinged a bit once and even managed to refrain from stinking the car out! It was boring though, even Ted couldnt entertain me.

But then we arrived….wow, there were dogs and people and Mum gave me a new bone and we went to see Verity and had fish and chips!



This is me in the front garden of our cottage.

I was so tired by bedtime i didnt wake Mum and Dad up, but i did feel a bit icky and threw up this morning. Dad reckons its the stress 😦

Its a nice place although Mum isnt happy, the Wifi doesnt work so we have to go up the High Street everytime they want to send e mails. I dont mind though, i get to meet lots of other dogs 🙂

Im just wondering if we’re gunna live here forever?